B-hiring is free of charge for both Employers and Recruitment Agencies. The Employer is setting an Award that he is willing to pay for a successful match. In case of the introduction of the Candidate to the Employer through our platform, the Award is transferred to the Recruitment Agency’s after deduction of 15% of B-hiring Commission fee.

It is always free of charge to post a job, regardless of how many jobs you post per month.

It is always up to you how much you want to pay for a successful

match. General Award is in between 5% and 12% from an annual salary of the candidate and can depend on a branch, experience level and the length of the contract. However, we recommend you to take a look at all the job posts in your branch so that your post will be able to compete with other employers looking for similar candidates.

The Award will be charged from the Employer at the moment he/she requests contact information on your Candidate. During the whole recruitment process including the interview phase and trial period, the fee is kept on our deposit account. If the candidate passes the trial period the money will be transferred to your bank account or PayPal account that you mention in your profile.

You should not be afraid to include the contact information of your candidate, it won’t be accessible to the employer before you accept his request to share contact information and we ensure you that the deposit equivalent to the award sum is transferred to our deposit account. Contact information is only for your convenience, so you can easily contact a candidate looking on the profile from a dashboard.

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