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Get in touch with dozens of recruiters who are working with candidates in your branch. Go after the best talents and not after the familiar recruiters.

Recruitment without borders

Find all the local and international recruitment agencies in one place on and choose only those you want to work with.

Reduce company HR costs by 33%

Save company money and lower HR costs. It is always free for you to post a job. And it is always you who decide what fee to pay for a successful match. Most companies who switched to recruitment marketplace can see a 33% reduction in annual HR fees.

Faster placement

Your open position will be available for all recruiters specialized in your branch. Let recruiters fight for your position and send you their best candidates. Recruitment is like a sport, you need to be fast to get a prize.

How it works

For employers

Post your job and it will be visible for hundreds of recruiters in real time

For employers

Choose recruiters you would like to work with and the appropriate number of CVs they can send you

For employers

Interview several candidates and hire the  best. Pay your award only after the hiring


6 tips how to spend less time on recruitment

6 tips how to spend less time on recruitment

Trying to find a new candidate is a long and time-consuming process, and the higher the position in the company, the longer the process. What if you have too many candidates and many stages in hiring process? How to not get washed out with this process and don’t loose yourself

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