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Our values

Make DEALS faster

Stop making numerous cold calls and surfing Facebook and LinkedIn looking for new openings. Get notifications about new jobs and start working on them right away, so you can be the one to get the award.

Get in touch with big fishes

Do you think that your agency is too small to recruit for big fishes? Apply for positions from all companies and show that you can deliver good talents. Be rated by employers and become our top-recruiter.

Be sure that you get your money paid

We do not send contact information to the employer before we are sure that the fee is transferred to our deposit account. So you should not worry that you get your award when the candidate passes the trial period. All our employers are insured for the sum of your award.

How it works

For recruiter
For recruiter
Create an Account

It is free to create a profile on our marketplace. Fill in your profile and tell about your recruitment experience. The more you tell about your company the more chances you get to be chosen.

Browse Jobs and Submit Candidates

Browse open positions and request engagement. After the engagement is approved the employer submit the most suitable candidates.

Get Paid

Once the candidate is hired and passes the trial period the money will be withdrawn to your account.

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6 tips how to spend less time on recruitment
6 tips how to spend less time on recruitment

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Ready to see how B-hiring can help to simplify the hiring process, save money and find the best talent? Let’s talk.