6 tips how to spend less time on recruitment


Trying to find a new candidate is a long and time-consuming process, and the higher the position in the company, the longer the process. What if you have too many candidates and many stages in hiring process? How to not get washed out with this process and dont loose yourself in it? And what if the best candidate will be the last in your list? Won’t it be a shame to reject him just because of it?

Try to organize the interview process so that it goes as quickly as possible. We usually spent a lot of time on the candidates´ job interviews, tests and assessments  as well as yours. So lets value the time, as it is a non-renewable resource, unfortunately. Do not waste more candidate’s time than needed – he will appreciate it and remember your company as an adequate employer. And even if he does not accept your offer, it will be good to respond to the company in the future.??

Here you can find some pieces of advice how to make interview process less time-consuming and more pleasant for you and for the candidate:

  1. Describe the recruitment process in the job description including all the stages that the candidate is supposed to pass. For example: Firstly, an interview with HR (20 minutes). Secondly, a semi-technical interview with team leader (40 minutes) and finally a technical interview with one of the seniors (60 minutes).
  2. During the first screening interview, always clarify the steps of the upcoming discussion. For example, say that during the call a team leader will first tell about the technical side of the project, then he will answer the candidate’s questions, and in the end he will give several cases to see what approach the candidate will choose to solve them. During the technical interview, the candidate needs to practice live coding??. If you do not warn the candidate in advance, he or she may be confused and fail.
  3. Classify as many stages as possible online, even if the candidate is situated in the same area. If a person is actively looking for a job, he or she has to often travel from one interview to another, try to be nice and give opportunity to take a breath – the candidate will appreciate it.  Be aware, that the candidate will be more comfortable answering your questions in a nice, homelike environment.
  4. Do not waste the candidate’s time on extra actions: if you give test just so you can tick it out of your list, with no further purspose, it is better not to give it.
  5. If the HR process involves several stages try to carry them out in 3-5 days, of course, if it fits the candidate calendar. So it is less likely that the candidate will be intercepted by another company, and he or she will feel less stress related to the waiting.
  6. Reject the candidate as soon as you understand that he or she does not fit the criteria. This is an honest approach that saves time for both sides.

Delegate some duties to the recruiters. Working with recruiters can save a lot of time by delegating first screening interviews to them. By posting a job on our platform you make it available for dozens of recruiters working in your branch, who has good experience and success in filling positions like yours. They can carry some work and you will get only the best candidates.  


We, in B-hiring, appreciate your time and we want to make the process of recruitment as pleasant as possible. Post a job on our platform today and we will bring it in front of dozens of recruiters so you can sit back and relax, get an extra cup of coffee – your work is almost done and a perfect candidate is almost found.


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