Do not be afraid to discuss candidates with the customer


What should a recruiter do when it becomes difficult to select candidates?

Recruiters and HRs in a long process of screening of candidates often begin to doubt the decisions: all resumes seem inappropriate, it seems that the candidate won’t satisfy the hiring manager, or simply turn out to be irrelevant.

This situation is easy to solve if there are many other open positions and you can switch to other tasks for a while. But what to do if there is only one HR in the company and it is impossible to stop the screening? 

The way that helps to deal with doubts and do not miss relevant candidates is regular calls with a hiring manager. Every day, at the same time, I call him, turn on the “Screensharing” and we look through the candidates together. This method is based on the practice of searching for IT-specialists, but is also suitable for other candidates.

Naturally, if you are sitting in the same office, then instead of skyping, hold fast offline meetings. The main thing is that they should take place every day at a specific time and do not turn into random encounters on the run and talking near the coffee machine.

Of course, do not show every resume, but only those who you already managed to screen and to have the first interview with, but because of some reasons cannot understand whether they are suitable for the vacancy or not.

A hiring manager helps you figure out what to look for. For example, sometimes you look at the resume and you think that the candidate was doing something incomprehensible, but the customer see it differently and it can be seen as a cool addition and an important plus.

Daily calls improve the quality of screening, but how to convince the customer?

Managers make many difficult decisions every day. And even if they understand the importance of recruiting new employees, the task of “looking through the resumes” is still postponed to the last moment.


Use simple arguments to convey the importance of daily summary discussions to the customer:


  1. Instant feedback increases the speed of selection.

The recruiter understands better which candidates are suitable and which are definitely not, and why, as a result, irrelevant candidates will not have to be interviewed.

  1. You do not run the risk of missing a good candidate due to search interference — for example, when a candidate does not use keywords in a resume, but writes about his skills in a language that the customer only understands.
  2. Such meetings take no more than 10-15 minutes a day and save hours for recruiter so he can find the right candidate faster.
  3. The customer will have an understanding of the candidates market: if you show him only the best of the best, he will get the impression that all the candidates are the same.

B-hiring is developing a comfortable dashboards for both employers and recruiters, so you can easily communicate without leaving the platform and using other communication tools. To sum up you are sure that all you communication about the recruitment process will be kept in the same place and won’t be mixed up with other mails. Every engagement on B-hiring has its ???

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