HR lessons from the Game of Thrones


For eight seasons, the Game of Thrones managed to show not only dragons, battles and love scenes, but also valuable lessons for the HR industry. We retell them for those who were too passionate about solving plot twists.


Lesson 1: Prepare successors and leaders in advance

No one loved Joffrey – he was a tyrant and a bad man. But he behaved like a king. After a sudden death, a completely random candidate, who was not ready for power, took his place. Business, unlike the kingdom, has a choice whom to appoint to the position of leader, so it is worth cultivating leadership qualities and preparing managers in advance, rather than choosing someone only when absolutely necessary.

Lesson 2: Valar Dohaeris

“All people must serve” is a simple phrase that recalls that managers are also part of the team and must take part in the work. Leaders can have a significant impact on the company’s culture, so they must show that they are also working to achieve a common goal.

Lesson 3: Surround yourself with good people

Up to a certain point, one person can control everything, but real success comes when it becomes possible to delegate and trust others. Robb Stark was unlucky with this – we remember how bloody this mistake was. Tywin Lannister thought he could trust the family, and was killed by his own son.

If you want to succeed, you need to create a good team around you that can give advice and honestly tell you about their (and your) mistakes.

Hiring the best candidates is easier with B-hiring- we save your time in recruiting so that you can spend more time evaluating and selecting candidates.

Lesson 4: “The night is dark and full of terrors”

People do not become more productive when working overtime. Be aware that if the whole team stays up late at work, then there is a problem in management. Be careful not to abuse the resources and energy of your employees, otherwise you risk ending up with a burned out or rebellious team.

Lesson 5: Use Mentors

Arya Stark was always insolent, but the time she spent with the Hound really changed her. He taught her to use existing skills as efficiently as possible and conveyed her own experience gained over many years.

It is unlikely that the company should appoint a mentor in form of a mercenary and a thief, but an experienced and wise mentor will only strengthen the team.


Lesson 6: “And now my watch begins”

Keep track of all possible metrics and KPIs if you do not want to go in darkness, focusing only on intuition. Use it to test recruiting hypotheses and build a strategy on accurate data.

Lesson 7: Do not rely solely on dragons

Otherwise finish as Daenerys. She also thought that three dragons would be enough to seize power, but their loss or arbitrary behavior was always accompanied by difficulties and a crisis.

The company should not rely on a couple of star employees: try to develop and support the whole team. So you protect yourself from a headache if someone from the stars and “business hopes” decides to go to another company.


Lesson 8: Involve Employees Better than Multiple Persons

The many-faced God took Arya under his wing, but the girl left him at the first opportunity to realize her real ambitions. Something went wrong?


Many-sided, like many HR, underestimate the power of proper involvement, therefore, face difficulties in retaining and motivating their employees. A well-trained person is easier to involve if you help him solve a problem, for example, to find a balance between personal vengeance and service??

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