Do not be afraid to reject a candidate


As an employer you can often find yourself in a situation when you realize in the first 10 minutes of an interview that the candidate does not match at all – but you cannot reject him right away. Due to the fact that managers are afraid of offending a person or think it is uncomfortable for them to finish the interview almost immediately, because the candidate has already spent time on the road.

At the same time, they spend even more of their own and someone else’s time to complete the interview, in which there is no point – as after all there will be a rejection.

How to save time and maintain good relations even with those candidates who for some reasons do not fit your position?

In order to avoid the situation “the candidate spent time on the road, so it would be unfair to refuse him immediately,” we recommend to conduct all interviews online, even with local candidates.

Remote interviews have other advantages: for example, if a candidate is actively looking for a new job, he is already tired of going to interviews, trying to find the right office, right person. Give him the opportunity to rest a little.

If the person is still at work, then it makes sense to invite him to the office only after all stages to make an offer, otherwise the candidate will have to take a day off on a present job only in order to get to the interview.

Reject the candidate right during the interview, at any of the stages. Do not be afraid, we give you several reasons why it is a win-win situation:


  1. It is fair – do not say that you will think until the end of the week if you already understand that you will reject the candidate.
  2. It saves time – both the candidate’s and yours.
  3. The candidate has the opportunity, if he desires, to get feedback to understand how to become better.

If you cannot take the decision immediately, agree the terms of feedback and try to stick to them. Regular planning meetings with employers, where we discuss candidates, help to maintain efficiency.

If you are afraid that you will forget to give the promised feedback, ask the candidate to remind you about it after some time. Usually, such requests are treated with understanding.


These are simple rules, but they help maintain loyalty even among those candidates you rejected, as you make the hiring process mutually beneficial and convenient for both parties.

Correct rejection not only show respect and save time, but also create loyalty among candidates.


Try to conduct online interviews – the candidate does not have to spend time on the road, and the interview will take place in a comfortable environment for all parties.

If you understand that the candidate is definitely not suitable for the position, reject him immediately, at any stage. Such an approach will be more honest and will help save time for both the candidate and the recruiter.

If you can not make a decision right away, agree on the time frame in which you will give feedback. Do not forget about feedback – fulfilled promises create a good company image, even if you rejected a candidate.


We in B-hiring appreciate your time and we want to make the process of recruitment as pleasant as possible. Post a job on our platform today and we will bring it in front of dozens of recruiters so you can lay back an relax, get an extra cup of coffee – your work is almost done and a perfect candidate is almost found.  


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